Roof Tile Repairs Melbourne

Wonder no more

Jk roof tiling specialises in all roofing repairs, maintenance and roof leaks. Our dedicated team can help save you from those rainy nights wondering where your roof leaks are coming from and what further damage a leak can do to your home. 

Specialists for complex problems

We can help you identify the leaks and problems you have with a free health check on your roof before those rainy nights cause a disaster to your home. We specialise in finding and fixing leaks and solving them once and for all, changing broken tiles, Fixing clogged gutters, re bedding and pointing of your roof where you may have loose or even missing ridge caps. Repointing where your old mortar or cement has fallen away cause your ridge to slide out or become loose, Re roofing if your home is in desperate need of a new roof this is common for older houses.  

On site inspections

If you have a roof leak or your house is in desperate need of a facelift Jk roof tiling is the place to solve all your problems. One of our dedicated team will come on site for a free inspection to identify the cause of your leaks or roofing issues and show you photographs and give you a diagnosis of your issues. We pride ourselves on quality and our ability to keep you dry and safe at night.

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Quality Guaranteed

Let us know the issue you are having with your roof tiling and one of our friendly team members will get onto it asap for you.

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From start to finish, we offer a complete range of roofing services tailored to meet your specific needs – so get in touch with us today.